About a ruler used in Nishijin

There are various "measure of length" around the world.

In Japan, the "metric system" is mainly used.

As of 2006, there are only three countries that mainly do not use the metric system: the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia, and other countries use the metric system.

However, it depends on the industry.

The "shaku‐kan system" is mainly used in our Nishijin.

鯨尺、曲尺、メートル尺、ものさし 比較

From top to bottom, "曲尺(kanejaku) regular shaku", "鯨尺(kujirajaku) cloth measure shaku", "regular shaku", "Meter ruler".

Even in Nishijin Obi, the obi uses "cloth measure shaku".
Nishijijn Kinran Brocade fabric uses a "regular shaku".

The unit will change even with the same fabric.

"one cloth measure shaku" is 37.8788 cm.
"one regular shaku" is 30.3030 cm.
The Meiji government has officially adopted the "regular shaku".

After that, "shaku‐kan system" was abolished as a unit of measure in the Measurement Law enacted in 1958.

Even in wooden building and Japanese dressmaking, "shaku‐kan system" still remains.

In wooden building "regular shaku" are used, in Japanese dressmaking, "cloth measure shaku" are used.

For this reason, the "Nishijin brocade" that is used according to the building uses "regular shaku".

The Obi belt that is tailored in Japanese dressmaking is use "cloth measure shaku".

Measures differ depending on the industry.

I think that it is a "good points of Japan" that has developed by Japan was imported a variety of foreign cultures.

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